“Mindfulness is purposeful awareness without judgement of one’s self or others. It is the clear knowing of actuality, rather than the seeing of preconceived reality . . . to fall awake with the world, to step into one’s true being . . . to let go of the past, release anticipation of the future and own the moment . . . to realise the beauty of impermanence, to understand that nothing can be owned except the moment, which must be let go of to embrace another . . . [and] to see the intrinsic beauty of the world.”

Pocket Mindfulness, Alfred James

Benifits of PYR

This is a powerful personal development class that uses leading edge change methodologies, storytelling and mindfulness tools to achieve significant results on the physical, emotional and mental levels.  Taught in a verbally guided relaxation format with soft background music, it is experiential rather than discussion based.  It is an opportunity for participants to contemplate and reflect on their life in a safe and confidential way.  No disclosure is required.  Classes and specific topics are tailored for those in attendance.

Clients say they experience these benefits:
  • Rejuvenate physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Let go of stress and anxiety and find an inner calmness
  • Bring greater balance and fulfilment into your life
  • Gain greater self confidence
  • Build resilience and cope better with change
  • Change negative into positive self-talk
  • Eliminate negative mindset patterns
  • Enhance your self-awareness
  • Gain clarity in your thinking 
  • Become more reflective and solution focused
  • Re-energize!


Facilitator:  Lynda Moe

Lynda has had extensive in-depth training and experience in designing tailored programs of this nature.  For a number of years Lynda offered weekly developmental classes in the community and included such programs in various public workshops and seminars she facilitated. 


A sample of organizations that have utilized Lynda’s skills in this area include:

Case#1 – University Department – The department was involved in a major technological change project throughout the entire university and were experiencing high workloads and demands from their customer base.  This created a high stress environment.  Weekly classes were held to help staff cope with the stress and assist with their rejuvenation.

Case#2 – District Health Board – Weekly classes were held as part of the organization’s ‘Making Change Work for You’ Outplacement and Change Support program during a major organization wide restructure involving significant changes in Organizational Design and reporting structures as well as redundancies.

Case#3 – Major Bank – A class was held as part of a one-day professional development program for a team of mortgage brokers.  The purpose was to assist them in realizing their goals and gaining greater self-confidence to achieve them.



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Class length is 40-90 minutes, depending on your requirements.


Individual personalized podcasts are also offered.
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