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This inspirational positive change program has been specifically designed to assist individuals, teams and organizations to gain clarity and purpose for moving forward, to help them to identify their critical success factors and barriers to success, as well as giving them a fresh perspective on their future. It is an opportunity for participants (all stakeholders) to identify the core factors that enable their individual, team or organization’s success and imagine how these can be incorporated as they grow into their positive potential. As part of the process we explore strengths, values, virtues and aspirations.

Through an experiential contemplative reflection and relaxation process (incorporating mindfulness) we work on strengthening the critical success factors and breaking through the barriers such as the belief systems that dis-empower and interfere with attainment of the desired results.  Participants will gain tips and tools to enhance their success including learning how to use mind training to build and further strengthen their capabilities and to assist them in overcoming obstacles and challenges along the way.  In addition, there will be an opportunity to complete an Action Plan for moving forward.

An Appreciative Inquiry (Positive Change) model has been specifically adapted for exploring this topic.  It is a process that uses collaborative inquiry, innovation and strategic visioning to unleash the positive potential of individuals, teams and organizations.  As a strength-based approach to creating change, it taps into the true potential of participants and inspires them to take further action.  It also taps into the wisdom of all affected stakeholders where their input is important to obtain buy-in for change.  Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful change methodology that works with one-on-ones, small groups or whole organizations (5000+ employees).

  • Finding Your Best ‘You”
  • Imagining Your Positive Potential
  • Developing Possibility Statements
  • Identifying Your Critical Success Factors
  • Ascertaining Your Barriers to Success
  • Next Steps to Create Your Preferred Future
  • Developing a Strategic Action Plan
  • Breaking Through the Barriers
  • Mind Training to Shift Mindsets
  • Building a Foundation of Resilience
  • Visioning Your Success
Who should attend?

INDIVIDUALS:  This program is suitable for those who desire greater success in their work and/or life.  If your employees are not achieving all that they would like to in their career or find themselves not fully engaged in their work this could be the breakthrough they or their team needs.  Or maybe, your employees are already successful, but have a sense that they could enhance their success even more.  If it’s a time for a re-invention, this program is perfect for you.

MANAGERS AND TEAM LEADERS:  The program is also suitable for those in a leadership role or aspiring to be in a leadership role. Participants at this level often choose to explore excellence in specific areas of the business. For example, excellence in how they lead their team or how they lead within their organization.

WHOLE ORGANIZATIONS:  Sometimes whole organizations need to re-invent themselves as a result of changes in the economic, legal or technical environment they operate in or perhaps they are going through an acquisition and merger and require the integration of the parts into a new and emerging organization.  Where competition is growing, or wherever there is significant change taking place and retention of staff is a key factor, a change in the culture of the organization might be required to sustain operations long term.  In these instances, a program on a wider scale can be designed that will help to unleash the positive potential of the whole organization. 

Format Options:
  • 1-day Intensive
  • 2-day Intensive
  • 2 hours/week over 8 weeks
  • 3.5 hours / week over 5 weeks
  • Customized to your requirements

The content and depth covered in the program will vary depending on the format chosen, the topics you wish to target for exploration and your specific needs.


Coaching is available on an individual or group basis for those wishing further assistance in implementing their plan or overcoming any obstacles and challenges they are facing.


Facilitator:  Lynda Moe


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