Our philosophy is simple. 

We believe everyone has the power to unleash their positive potential and become part of a high performing resilient team and organization. 



Lynda Moe Transformations was established by Lynda Moe in 1995 to inspire and facilitate individuals, teams and organizations to develop and unleash their positive potential.  We assist clients to enhance their resilience, capability, performance and agility (change, thinking, communication and leadership) and help them to shift mindsets in order to be the best that they can be.  We are passionate about helping our clients to future-proof themselves and their business so that they can navigate into the future with ease.

We understand what drives organizations and people and the importance of aligning them to achieve the organization’s strategic goals and commercial objectives.  Our ability to partner with and engage stakeholders and influence outcomes is a direct result of being expert Facilitators and Business Strategists who are very knowledgeable and approachable.  We have worked with all types of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and are able to establish rapport quickly and easily using leading edge techniques, collaborative solution focused strength based approaches, innovative problem solving processes and robust communication skills alongside Process Based Facilitation and Executive/Leadership Coaching.  We help our clients to engage their stakeholders in the co-creation and/or problem solving process and we help them to positively manage and gain buy-in for learning and for change.  We are professionals who are committed to achieving meaningful results in partnership with our clients.

In today’s world workers need to be able to work effectively in an ever-changing environment of complexity, uncertainty and ambiguity.  They require new ways to work together, to engage and collaborate with stakeholders, and to solve problems, and they require a higher level of strategic skills – communication, thinking, leadership and change.  In addition, they must be sufficiently agile in these areas in order to sustain the organization.  Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical intelligence are all essential ingredients along with the ability to manage stress and build resilience at a higher level than ever before.  The knowledge, skills, abilities and awareness required in organizations has all changed in today’s business environment.  Moreover, the organizational culture required to engage the hearts and minds of workers and productively sustain the organization long term has also changed from past times.

Lynda Moe Transformations is here to guide, facilitate and coach you through a bespoke process designed to accelerate your progress to a higher level of performance and resiliency based on your requirements.  We do this by utilizing Process Based Facilitation, Executive and Leadership Coaching, helping you to Potentiate Your Resilience, Create High Performing Resilient Teams and a High Performing Resilient Organization, providing bespoke Biz Wiz Days and supporting you to Unleash Your Positive Potential

We also Speak and offer Workshops at conferences, seminars, regional and national meetings, retreats, professional development days and special presentation evenings in order to inform, inspire, engage and influence you to unleash your positive potential and become a high performing resilient individual, team and organization.

Lynda Moe Transformations partners with a network of highly qualified and trusted Associates and Strategic Partners as required.  As professionally qualified experts in their specialty field, these people bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to add depth to the services we provide and to assist us in ensuring we meet the needs of our clients.

Our methodology is outlined below:


Our Methodology



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